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1977 Town Car New Owner Questions


I recently bought a 1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car (Yellow Cream w/Leather) about a week ago. Bought it from a family who owned it since 1977. Now, I love the car so much and just want to get it into as good of a shape as I can. There are a few little hiccups with the car. 1) The automatic door locks do not lock or unlock. I hear a whirling noise from the back passenger side were it sounds like its trying to do something. 2) The A/C blows semi-cold air out (probably needs a charge) but only out of the defrost part and not the cabin vents. 3) Once the car is up and running it short of shakes/rumbles when it is at a stop (park/neutral/brakes). Maybe I am over thinking this as this is my first classic car. So, I know its a lot and any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you!



Greetings Phil -

Some of these electrical and vacuum problems can be difficult to diagnose and do require some extensive testing. Power door locks of this type usually need continuity testing through the individual switches, wiring and relays etc. With all of the locks not operating on your Lincoln as you describe, it sounds like your issues totally developed over a period of time with no repairing attempted as they occurred. Many times, in this kind of situation we find at Lincoln Land that wiring contacts (especially in the switches) are the culprits. I would advise you to "begin" by continuity testing at the drivers position switch and wiring with the use of the "correct wiring diagrams". We do have New Window Switches available if needed.

Your engine roughness indicates to me that your engine is possibly needing a major tune up asap or that a sizable vacuum leak has developed. A vacuum leak in the right spot can also affect the Automatic Climate Control system in big way as well. Many a/c problems are also caused by control parts that we can and do repair here at Lincoln Land on a regular basis. Please contact us for further assistance in any of these matters.