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1973 Continental Sedan Door Lock Questions

Hello Bill -

Thank you for your help in the past! Now I have a new issue.

My front doors locks work fine however the rear doors will lock but not unlock when I press the button. My Ford repair manual section 44:16, tells me that the relay in under the drivers seat but I cannot find it. Do you know where I might locate it? Also, aside from the door switches and the relay, there is another switch inside of the door that has a single black wire attached to it. The repair manual calls it an electric door lock switch.Do you know what the function of this switch is? All of the four actuators work fine in both directions. do you have any ideals on what I should be looking for to fix my rear door locks?




Hi John -

Yes, the shop manual shows the relay to be located under the driver's seat. In order to access it, the seats as well as the carpet have to be removed. It should have five wires to it and is case ground. Two door models do not have a relay. The manual also explains how to test the relay but the electrical system is quite complicated and therefore requires the correct wiring diagram and electrical knowledge to understand how the system operates. Basically, you need to trace and inspect the wiring and switches for the rear door locks as per the wiring diagram in the non-operative unlock position with the use of the wiring diagram. Do not activate the door locks for a long period of time as they will over heat. Do you have a wiring diagram?

I do not know what door you are referring to but pure black wires ( no stripes or dots ) are usually used for ground wires. Check that switch for continuity to ground.

We do hope that some of these suggestions will help you in the diagnosis.