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1966 Continental Lighting Issues

Bill -

I have a 66 Convertible with many lighting issues. This is a customers car that came in this way. It starts with the rear park lamps are illuminated all of the time, unless I disconnect the flasher switch. Also with the switch connected, when hitting the brakes all 4 turn signals light up, with the flasher switch disconnected they work as designed. With the switch connected and the turn signal on, it comes on all 4 corners. Disconnect the flasher switch and it all works as designed. Hook up the flasher switch and turn the low beam headlights on and they trip the breaker, disconnect the flasher switch and they work fine. I have an aftermarket wiring diagram for the car and no testing procedures unfortunately. I know that the 66 uses the weirdest most complicated signaling system of any car on the planet and could use some insight. I have tried 2 flasher switches and it is the same with both switches. The flashers never work and have never worked since the car came in. This is a non tilt column. Thanks for the help.



Hi Raymond -

After reading your issues with that 66 Lincoln convertible several times and not knowing what diagnosis you have actually performed so far, I can suggest the following for you to begin with.

That 66 probably has had some restoration work done to it on one or more occasions. They are very popular vehicles and many car lovers collect and restore them. We have seen these types of electrical issues emerge when the wiring etc. is not reassembled correctly as original during a restoration. The mechanic will then proceed for some unknown reason to wire the problem " his way " which will create even more faults. With the information that you have supplied I would start by looking visibly for possible problems at the wiring for the lighting and signals etc. and to perform continuity testing on the GROUND circuits especially . This should be done with the correct factory wiring diagrams at your side as they are easier to read and understand. These lighting faults could turn into an easy simple repair for you. However, if a previous tech has modified any of the factory wiring to his liking, the fix could be time consuming.

We at Lincoln Land will have the correct wiring diagrams available if you need them. We wish you a speedy diagnosis and repair.