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1972 Mark IV Fasten Seat Belt Issue

Bill -

My current problem is with the Fasten Seat Belt light and bulb not working.

If I turn the key to Accessory....everything lights except the seat belt light [and there is no buzzing warning for the seat belt].

At no time does the buzzer or seat belt warning light function. The fuse is intact [and tested].

Let me know what to do next.




Hi Don -

If you purchased that Mark with the seat belt warning system inoperative, it may have been disconnected by the original purchaser or a previous owner. In 1972 many new car buyers were not impressed with the lights and buzzers and therefore had us the selling dealer disconnect and, in some cases, remove the parts.

To answer your question, you will need the correct wiring diagram so that you or your technician can inspect the installation for disconnected components and /or diagnose the system etc. If you have the owner's manual, it should explain how the system works. It will not sound any alarms in Park position but could activate the lights and buzzer if needed when the shift lever is moved in to any other position with the key on. The shop manual also explains that some very early production models were not equipped with the Buzzer feature.