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October 7, 2020

1970 Mark III New Owner Questions

Hello Bill,

Thank you for a great reference! I just bought a 1970 Mark 3 and have a few questions. 1- Does the original antenna fit flush with the body when not extended? 2- I have the Auto Air Condition option. Cold air blows in only when I leave the temp on 75. Anything lower and no air comes in. What can you suggest to troubleshoot? 3- On the bottom left side of the dashboard there is a level that says Air Control, and on the same housing and to the left (i assume where another lever would have been) their is a Switch (like an on/ off switch). What would the missing lever and now on/off switch be used for? (I assume someone retrofitted this switch) 4- Their is no right side passenger mirror. The left side mirror is molded to be fitted on the left hence cannot be used on the right. The trimming on the left is also designed to accommodate the left mirror. My Q: Is there an original or after market right side mirror reverse molded to have the same exact fit like the right side mirror? That together with the right trim to accommodate this? Thanks for your valuable assistance!



Greetings Omar -

Congratulations on your recent 1970 Mark III purchase.

When in the retracted position the antenna does not fit absolutely flush with the quarter panel. It is held up slightly by a chrome filler and a chrome hold down nut fastener.

If the blower is working but no air is discharged into the passenger compartment some duct work under the dash could be installed incorrectly. Each a/c outlet has its own shut off control. If the blower is stopped however, the blower circuit will need to be diagnosed. The ATC system is complicated but your new service manual that you purchased from us will explain very clearly the complete operation of the system for you or your mechanic.

The blank spot next to the left air control is not used on cars with a/c. On a/c cars the right duct assembly becomes part of the recirculation a/c feature.

The 70 and 71 Marks did not offer a right-hand mirror and non are made by any after-market suppliers that we know of.



October 6, 2020

1972 Mark IV Fasten Seat Belt Issue

Bill -

My current problem is with the Fasten Seat Belt light and bulb not working.

If I turn the key to Accessory....everything lights except the seat belt light [and there is no buzzing warning for the seat belt].

At no time does the buzzer or seat belt warning light function. The fuse is intact [and tested].

Let me know what to do next.




Hi Don -

If you purchased that Mark with the seat belt warning system inoperative, it may have been disconnected by the original purchaser or a previous owner. In 1972 many new car buyers were not impressed with the lights and buzzers and therefore had us the selling dealer disconnect and, in some cases, remove the parts.

To answer your question, you will need the correct wiring diagram so that you or your technician can inspect the installation for disconnected components and /or diagnose the system etc. If you have the owner's manual, it should explain how the system works. It will not sound any alarms in Park position but could activate the lights and buzzer if needed when the shift lever is moved in to any other position with the key on. The shop manual also explains that some very early production models were not equipped with the Buzzer feature.