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1964 Turn Signal Issues - New Owner

Hi Bill,

I purchased my Lincoln a few weeks ago and had it shipped to me. All of the electronics work bar the blinkers. The owner had the neutral switch replaced just before selling and said they were working then (of course). The mechanic thought maybe a wire had come lose. What I know and have tried so far: 1.The brake lights work and the appropriate light shuts off when the turn signal switch is engaged, it just doesn't flash. 2. I replaced the turn signal flasher and still no blinkers. 3. I checked the wires coming from the bottom of the steering column that lead to the horn and turn signal switch with a light tester and all seem to have power. The wires going to the turn signal flasher also have power. Does this sound like a malfunction of the turn signal switch itself or should I check another failure point? Thanks for all that you do for us Lincoln owners!



Hi Devin -

Congrats on your 64 Lincoln sedan purchase. They are well thought of and respected in the old car hobby.

Your turn signal issue does sound like a t/s switch problem. To test this circuit properly though you will need in addition to the 12v test light a correct t/s wiring diagram for a 64 Lincoln. This way the circuit and sw. can be verified one step at a time as per the wiring contacts inside the t/s switch and the plug to that switch etc. With the steering wheel removed as per the shop manual a sharp eye can (possibly) in many case spot bad connections and possible melting of the plastics at the switch contacts. Keep in mind that an incorrect or faulty flasher could also upset the system. You could as a quick test only, unplug the t/s flasher and jump the plug off and on for a short time manually with a jumper wire and the ignition key turned on while operating the t/s sw. for a left- and right-hand turn. This test makes you control the circuit flashing and become the flasher for this test. A helper can assist you by watching the outside lights for any or correct operation.

Let us know what you find. We have the correct parts and shop manuals etc. in order to help you test and repair this issue.