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1971 Mark III Road Noise

Hi Bill,

Enjoying my 1971 Mark III out here in the Philadelphia area - gets lots of miles. Trying to solve a road noise issue coming from passenger side door. In the rain recently I could hear the splash of water while coming to a stop, road noise from door in dry weather. Ordering new weatherstripping today for around the door but its not in bad shape now. Door fits and operates perfectly - window, etc all perfect. Good alignment of door around fender and 1/4, etc. Could gap at bottom of door be too much for seal to handle ? could adjusting the hinges help this ? My guess is all noise is from bottom edge of door. Thanks !




Hi John -

Yes, there is a possibility that the passenger door ( right door ) has a poor seal at the bottom edge. This can be verified with a sheet of dry paper inserted at the suspected weather-strip seal area and closing the door on it from the outside and then moving the paper back and forth laterally to feel if the paper is being prevented from easily moving. You should inspect under that door first for any visible faults or missing weather-strip . You can compare this door seal quality and then the driver's door in order to feel the difference between the two of them. Any gap found in the seal at the bottom of the door can cause the issue that you are describing. Good luck to you with this test.