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1969 Continental Cruise Control Questions

Hi Bill -

My 69 comes with speed control which has now been fixed. Just to be clear on how to use it properly. I press the 'on' switch on the lower part of the dash and when I reach the desired speed press and hold for 1 to 2 seconds the black button on the turn signal arm, is this correct? Also when I brake the cruise comes off and when I accelerate the cruise seems to re engage at the speed I originally set it at is this correct? Any help would be appreciated.




Paul -

Once the brake pedal is pressed the factory installed speed control will disengage the set speed and will NOT return to the previously set speed. It is necessary to reactivate the t/s lever control again to return to the speed of your choice once again. This operation is explained completely in your owners manual or the FoMoCo service manual.

What exactly was done to repair your speed control recently to get it to start operating at all ?