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1979 Sedan New Owner Turn Signal Issues

Hi there Bill,

So I recently bought myself a 1979 Lincoln Town Car in blue. Shes got some issues that we knew about purchasing the car such as the exhaust system and brakes. After getting the car delivered we ran her and gave her a look over of the lights, all the lights work, reverse, break, tail, head, and high beams, and also the hazards. But once we move the signal arm nothing. No response from the dashboard or the lights on the outside of the car. I have a guy loves working on 70' New Yorkers. I'm not sure if the inside of the steering columns is similar in those cars as it is the Lincolns. The arm does hold its position when it is up or down. Also another quick question to go along with the signals, when the hazards are on our left turn arrow on the dashboard also doesn't light up. What could that issue be?




Hi Jon -

Congratulations on your recent Lincoln purchase. The fact that you seemingly have no knowledge of any previous repairs or testing of the turn signal circuit and have evidently not had any diagnosis performed at all by any one so far does not help me at all to pinpoint what has failed. Some common fail items though for this issue that we often see are:
Faulty T/S switch
Blown fuse
Faulty or missing T/S flasher
Disconnected wiring or damaged wiring circuit somewhere
The wiring could have been tampered with by some previous owner

If you are able to speak to the previous owner about this problem, you should ask him or her what they know about this issue. This would be a good place to begin. It is handy to have a friend that loves to work on 70 New Yorkers. New Yorkers have similar wiring circuits as Lincoln however they are probably different enough that the Factory Service Manuals and Wiring diagrams are necessary to properly diagnose and locate many electrical problems. Your New Yorker friend may even be persuaded to love working on 79 Lincoln Town Cars.

We have these manuals and wiring diagrams available when you are ready and we look forward to supplying you with any parts that you require now and in the future. We wish you good luck on an easy diagnosis and repair.