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1968 Automatic Temp Control Question

Bill -

On a 68 with a 460, and automatic climate control should the heater fan blow before the engine warms up and the temperature is warm? My fan runs on high when it's cold. 2nd question is related, does the temperature switch do both the idiot light and the climate control or are there two sending units?



Hello Jason,

The ATC on your 68 Continental was quite a sophisticated system and operates very nicely if all is in good order. The blower motor operation will be delayed anytime that the dash control lever is in the High or Low position and the engine is cold in any weather and the system is in the automatic HEAT mode. If and when the system drives over towards the COOLING section with a cold engine the blower operation will be immediate. The blower fan motor will NOT be delayed if the mode lever is in the "defog" or "deice" position at any time. The reason for the blower delay is so that the occupants in the car will not endure a cold blast of air when heat is needed.

The atc system does not operate, control or effect the high temperature warning light and this light sensor does not operate or control the atc. There are two separate sending units that are side by side in the same switch assembly.

At the present time we at Lincoln Land do not have a right hand mirror for your 68 Continental. I notice that they have become very popular. These types of parts do show up however from time to time. Finding accessories such as these mirrors makes the car hobby even more enjoyable.