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66 Turn Signal Issues

Hey Bill,

Our signal indicators on our 66 Continental are not working. They will work with the emergency flashers, just not the turn signal.The turn signal relay with 3 wires in the engine compartment is where I'm thinking the problem is. There is a orange-yellow stripe wire, blue wire, and white wire. with the key on, I'm getting hot to the orange-yellow wire and the white wire. I never get anything to the blue wire no matter what I do. Does this sound like a bad relay? Thanks for the help.



Hi Colby -

The 1966 Lincolns were built with a unique and complicated turn signal and four way flasher system. In addition the turn signal switch is very different if your 66 had the Tilt Steering Wheel option. This tilt wheel column for 1966 was built for FoMoCo by GM and uses a GM T/S switch.

In any case, your suspicion that the faulty indicators could be due to a faulty relay is very valid. The relay location that you believe to be faulty also houses a second relay that often fails also. Because of the complex nature of this design I think that you should remove both of these relays and send them to our shop. Here at Lincoln Land we will test them. If a fault is found there a good chance that we can rebuild them here for you. If they are in good operating order we will send them back to you and move on to the next step. The wire colors for the second relay are shown in your shop manual. When you decide please call George at our office and he will arrange this for you. Going this route will avoid replacing parts that are not defective.