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1979 Mark Park Light Issues


I have a '79 Mark V and the parking lights will randomly turn off and on when you have the headlights on. The headlights are not affected, but all of the other ones that would come on including the front and rear parking lights and the side marker lights along with those lights between the side windows and opera windows. A new headlamp switch was purchased from Lincoln Land and installed in January of 2018 which fixed the problem until about a month ago when the problem started again. Not sure what could be causing that or why the headlamp switch would mess up again after less than two years, if that is the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hello Mason -

Please inspect the wires and plug in at the headlamp switch. Correct any loose wires or connections that are found. Move the h/l switch connector while plugged in while testing with the park lamps turned on. This test is for loose contacts at the switch. If no issues are discovered, we may need the switch sent back to Lincoln Land for testing. Please call George at our office and let him know what you have found.