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1989 Town Car ATC Question

Hello -

New Here- I've had 1994 Town Car, 1999 Town Car, 2005 Town Car love them! Live in NYC I have just brought a 89 Town Car with 157k miles on it. The Issue I am having is when I use the heat under "mix" works great at all the fan speeds but once i try to move it over to "floor" it doesn't blow at any speeds and sometime on the highway 50-65 mph it might work a little on floor but not really. My mechanic has told me that I might need a new climate control unit, Just want to check in to see if you knew of this problem thank you!



Hi Jasvir -

Yes, there is a part that commonly failed on those 89s that caused that exact problem. If you are interested you could send this part into us for testing. I am not sure of the availability at this time but we should be able to replace it if faulty or repair yours if a new one is not available. Call us when you are ready and speak with George for more information.