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1960 Mark Convertible Overheating

Bill -

I have just purchased this wonderful car but unfortunately it overheats very badly after about 20 minutes running. I have removed the main thermostat but that did not help. When I start the engine with the radiator cap removed water erupts from the filler neck. I have been told this maybe a cylinder head gasket problem but there is no sign of water in the oil or oil in the water. Would the 2 block thermostats or missing water diverters cause this type of effect on starting please. I am trying to avoid removing the engine as it's very heavy!!

Thank you and best regards.



Greetings David -

Yes, those 58/60 Lincolns are very special cars. They create excitement with car lovers wherever they are shown.

We cannot seem to locate your customer number here at Lincoln Land or the information and sheets on the sale of the car (if you purchased it from us). Would you please send us that information along with any helpful maintenance history etc.

Did the coolant erupt from the filler neck area before you removed the thermostat? Removing the thermostat is never the way to correct an overheating engine of course. A sixty year old car can have several cooling system issues depending on the quality of the maintenance performed by its owners since the car was new. Yes, we do recommend eliminating the block thermostats and servicing the diverters. However, the easy to check items should be examined first. What was the actual indication to you that your engine was overheating? Was it the Temperature gauge reading only or loss of coolant etc.? The previous owner should be able to supply some important information to you regarding this cooling system issue.