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1967 Continental Cuts Out While Driving...

Bill -

I have a 1967 Continental with a 462 engine. While I'm driving for about 20 minutes or so the car will shut off, I have tried putting gas or starter fluid in the carburetor it still won't start. I have to let it sit for an hour for me to make it back home, the car runs great but have that issue. I've changed fuel filter, had a tune up done - points set and condenser changed. I don't know what else it could be - do you have any suggestions?



Hi Terrence -

Some of these problems sure can be frustrating when you need to wait for the engine to cool before you can restart and head home.

We have seen this problem many times over the years at Lincoln Land. Most times the problem was a bad condenser in the distributor. In the last few years the problem also in many cases proved to be new ignition parts that were of poor quality. You have already tried adding fuel through the carburetor therefore I would first examine the distributor and rotor for defects. If they are OK I would then try a known "high quality" made in USA brand of points and condenser. Doing this replacement as a test is much easier and faster than trying to trace faulty spark on a cold engine that is running fine when cold. On rarer occasions it could also lead back to the coil. Please let us know how it works out.