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1974 Sedan - Brake Light Issues

Hi there Bill,

Turn signals and 4 way flashers work, but brake lights won't come on. I changed fuse and brake switch, still nothing. Do you possibly know what I should do next? Wiring diagrams don't leave many options.

Thank you,



Hi Jon -

If you do not have too much electrical experience. the wiring diagrams can be a good learning experience. I myself could not work without them. The helpful ones are the factory authentic wiring diagrams.

For your brake light issue as it is now it appears that you may have changed a couple of parts without any real meaningful diagnosis. I would recommend tracing the power path to and from the brake light switch. Performing this test will lead up the steering column to the turn signal switch. On these Lincolns the issue usually turns out to be a faulty turn signal switch. We do not replace these parts until the switch is in fact proven defective with the use of easily available test equipment. This method avoids replacing costly parts that are in good working order.