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1965 Power Issues

Good evening Bill,

I have a 1965 Lincoln Continental Sedan. I am tracing multiple power issues. I lost power to all windows and the entire relay bank located on the drivers side apron. The only thing currently working are the courtesy lights and the clock. I believe the problem could be the circuit breaker panel. I have yet to find a layout of what size breakers are on the circuit breaker panel and what they power. Currently, the two breakers looking right to left have no power. I have tested them with a 12v tester. I have replaced what was currently there like for like and the other three now have power. I have also verified that wire #38 coming off the forward side of the starter solenoid has continuity and 12v. Any help in this matter would be appreciated.



Greetings Allen -

Welcome to Lincoln Land and Bill's corner. Some of these electrical issues can be difficult to diagnose on any Luxury car such as the Lincoln Continental. The difficulty is very much increased if the technician does not have the Factory Service Manual and the "correct" wiring diagram at his side. If you need any of these, please contact George at Lincoln Land and he will advise you how to obtain them.

I also would like to get some more information from you regarding these issues. Did you purchase this Lincoln with any of these faults or did they just appear suddenly? Did they possibly occur after a repair of some kind? Do you know if any wiring or associated parts were modified at all on your car. Much of the power for these failed items originates under the hood at the starter solenoid located on the right inner fender area. An important Power Window Safety relay will be located behind the splash Shield of the Inner Right Front Wheelhouse, you will need to remove the Wheel to access it. It can be identified by its wiring colors according to the wiring diagram. It is a popular fail item and therefore a good item to properly check out electrically. If you were to find a problem with the "constant" 12v power to that relay for instance, correcting that could solve all of your issues.

We believe mostly in testing parts and confirming defects rather than guessing and replacing parts that may not be faulty.