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1989 Town Car AC Blower Question

Bill -

May seem petty, but when I turn the blower switch to "automatic" I know the blower motor should cycle through the various speeds until cabin temp has been reached. Mine only stays at one speed. Manually going through the speeds, I do get the various speeds, leading me to believe that the resistor is ok. Might add that the temperature control does function correctly. I've been searching for a diagnostic manual on this but can't find one. Can you assist in these issues? I'm a retired Mustang Electrical tech from FoMoCo with no experience on Lincolns. I did find and buy the "Vacuum and Electrical Trouble Shooting Guide" but it's very limited on the ATC diagnosis.




Greetings Nicholas -

We do not have a wiring diagram at the moment but are sending you a drawing of the AUTO blower fan switch which is located on the blend door servo assembly. We are including a short description of its location and operation as a blower speed controller in the AUTO fan position. This switch can fail and can be tested electrically or removed and disassembled for inspection. Let us know what you find as we usually have working units in stock.