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1977 Mark V Headlight Doors Always Down...


I have a 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V. I am having an issue with my headlamp covers. They stay down all the time, when the car is off, car is running, when the lights are on, and when the light are off. The only time the covers lift up is when I manually unplug the vacuum lines under the hood. But when I plug the lines back together, they shut again. So I have been manually swapping the lines when I drive at night. What do you think is causing the issue of the covers always being down unless the lines are physically unplugged or swapped?

Thank you,



Connor -

Does your Mark have the Autolamp option? Without this information or any meaningful diagnosis information as to what you have checked so far with your shop manual no one can be close to pinpointing the cause. However, one popular fail item with these symptoms is the headlamp vacuum control solenoid module which should be located behind the left kick panel. If you indeed have the correct shop manual as you indicate the operation and diagnosis should be included. Also it has been previously discovered on other vehicles that some previous owners have actually bypassed certain components to hold the H/L doors closed because of another issue that will not allow them to close.