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1995 Town Car Brake Pedal Height Question

Bill -

I have a '95 Town Car that I bought in December 1996 from a dealer with 27000 miles on it, now 43000 miles after 22/23 years - well I spent most of my working life overseas and never really used it. It stays in the garage with a trickle charger on it. OK I have noticed that the brake pedal is not up where it should be there are no leaks detected and I read all about the master cylinder leaking. The brake fluid cup is 1/2 empty. When the brakes are applied the car stops and the pedal travels about 1/2 way down or so it seems. I spoke to the local Lincoln dealer and he suggested it could be the booster. I said I would drop by some day for him to check. I have not seen anything on the online forums about a defective booster for this problem. Do you have any suggestions? It's been in a heated garage all its life and never saw a midwest winter.

If this has been answered many times over I apologize.




Hello Raymond -

A vehicle that sits idle for a long period of time can develop any number of problems in any atmosphere. Your brake problem could also be among other things a master cylinder that is "by-passing" internally due to deteriorated seals etc. Your complete braking system including lines and hoses needs to be examined and not guessed at by a competent technician.