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1979 Collector's Series AC Concerns

Currently running R-12, Low side return hose between evaporator and expansion valve is getting very cold, although is not freezing up. Its as though there is no air flow across the evaporator when the Automatic Temperature Controller is switched to full cold settings. I am in need of direction. Weather that be through expert advice, the OEM service manual "these customers would more than likely buy the set for the car, it is a new one for their stable". I appreciate any help that i can get to resolve this issue for our patiently waiting customer.

Thank you in advance,



Thanks for your question Bradley...

Do you have a Factory Shop Manual for the Vehicle? Also - I can not pull up your Lincoln Land Account using your Name or Phone Number - what is your Customer Number? Your Customer Number should be the Phone Number on your first Receipt from Lincoln Land without the Area Code - let me know.

Bill -


Thank you for the speedy response.

I am not in possession of any service manuals for this car other than what ProDemand gives me. Which is little to no information pertaining to the customer complaint.
As far as a login. I do not have one. This is my first interaction with Lincoln Land, as this seems to be the place experts reside.

Look forward to your response.



Hi Brad -

Refrigeration systems need to be diagnosed in a logical sequence with proper equipment. If the proper test equipment, manuals and knowledge are not available at your shop you should do your customer a favor and sublet that job out to a trusted a/c shop.

Having stated the above, what have you checked so far? What are the running system pressures of the Evaporator and the High Pressure Line? Another observation is your statement that when the control is switched to full cold setting no air seems to flow through the evaporator. I can tell you that just because you switched the control to full cold, it does NOT mean that the controls are responding or functioning correctly. You really need to begin by studying the correct FoMoCo shop manual. We have these available. Anyone at our office can arrange this for you.