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1976 Mark IV Fan Questions & Updates...

Bill -

My fan had a high pitched scream and eventually died. I replaced the fan under the glovebox passenger side firewall. The high speed only works. What electronic component do I need & where is it located?




Hi Michael -

Your only questions " what electronic component do I need and where is it located" is impossible for anyone to answer with any accuracy without some sort of meaningful diagnosis. What have you tested so far to correct the issue? It also would be helpful to know if the " High speed only" issue existed before the blower motor was changed. Proper diagnosis can only be performed with the use of the correct FoMoCo manuals. Most other manuals are woefully lacking in the needed information.

If however you are only wanting to guess and replace parts and need a list of previous parts on other vehicles that have corrected your issue, I can make a list and send it to you. We have most of the repair parts already in stock and available for you. Let us know how you wish to proceed and good luck on a speedy repair.





Thanks for your email.

Sorry my description of the problem was rather vague. I was only allowed a paragraph to describe my problem.

I have owned this Mark IV for 14 years. Two years ago the Air conditioner/heater fan motor was making a high-pitched screaming sound. I was able to purchase a motor and new squirrel cage fan. I installed that.

Before installing the motor I tested both original and replacement motors by using a hot wire. The original did not move. The replacement worked well.
After installing the fan, in the shroud behind the glove box, I turned on the air conditioner and it worked on high only. Then after a minute it stopped. I smelled something hot. I have not turned it on in two years.
I was living in Washington state at that time. I have since moved to Texas where air conditioning is mandatory.

I belong to the Lincoln and Continental Owners Club. A gentleman in the club told me that it was most likely a relay that had burned out. He explained how a relay works. He said based on my description of the problem it was most likely a relay.

He owns a Mark III Continental. He pointed that the relay was either on the firewall on the engine side or on the firewall on the passenger side.

Because these areas are labor-intensive to get to I asked him to look at my manual. After looking at the manual we both scratched our heads. He said to ask you.

My questions are;

1. Do you think the relay is my problem?

2. Do you know exactly where it is located?

3. Does your company have this part?

When I looked at your catalog the relay was in gray not black. This made me think that you do not have that particular part.

PS: I have checked the fuses. AOK.



Hi Michael -

To answer your questions.

1. Do you think the relay is my problem? No, not at this point without proper diagnosis.

2. Do you know exactly where it is located? It is located on the engine side of the firewall in the vicinity of the brake booster and the vacuum manifold.

3. Does your company have this part? If we do not have a new one, we can supply a used one that has been expertly cleaned and tested internally. We can even offer to test your relay here at Lincoln Land if you can mail it to us. Our office can make these arrangements for you.



P.S. Please be advised however that your description strongly suggests that much more than one problem exists here.