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1972 Mark Questions....

Hi Bill -

I have a 1972 Lincoln Mark IV that stalls out at stop lights and won't restart. Carburetor size 4300-a 4-v engine size 460. Car has 136000 miles. I've had it for 6 years and I paid 3K. Also head light doors reopen after I've parked the car, 20 minutes later. PS Do you think it could be the hot idle compensator causing it to stall out?




Hi Vic-

I have no information on your car's history, condition or what you have checked so far. However your stalling condition can easily be checked and repaired usually by testing and/or performing all of the common tune up procedures and fuel delivery as well as checking the carburetor and its adjustments. The above suggestions should be a first step.

The common problem of the headlamp doors opening is almost always caused by a leak or a series of leaks on this system's vacuum circuit any where the vacuum is routed. A proper manual is necessary! Valuable diagnosis information as well as diagrams is shown in the factory manuals.