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In The Market For A Mark III....

Hello Bill -

I am looking at buying a 69-71 Mark III and am wondering if you might suggest which, in your opinion is the best year for this car. I owned a 63 continental convertible years ago and loved that car and know all its quirks. Are earlier models better without any emissions equipment? Are climate control systems about the same in each? Thank you, so glad to find your website.



Hi Bret -

There are differences in the 69-71 Mark IIIs, but with any car from this bygone era, condition and odometer reading should be a strong factor as well. The 69's have the much nicer unique heavier wheel covers and the a/c outlets are of a higher quality eye appealing design and material. The 69 was the last year for the sometimes troublesome crankshaft driven power steering pump as opposed to the corporate belt driven units. The a/c was mostly the same on all three years but a/c was optional on the 69's. Most owners ordered the Automatic Climate Control option that proved to be a great operating unit. Most of these a/c units do require maintenance and repair occasionally as does the a/c on all other vehicles. As far as the emission systems go the later ones with the pump did not seem to cause many problems but some emission systems have been removed from the 70/71 Marks that we see today. Outside there are also many very small differences but easiest to see is that the 70/71 has a longer hood to accommodate the hidden windshield wiper blades. Of these three years of Marks there are definitely no bad years. They are all great Continentals. Choosing however really boils down to your own personal desires. Good luck with your search!