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Considering Becoming A Classic Car Owner....

Hello Bill -

Thank for a very good site. I am a Norwegian man who has a DREAM of owning an american classic full size car. I am considering Lincoln, since it seems to be nice and luxurious car.

I have a few questions if you have the time to give me some tips.

1) What should I be looking for / be aware of before buying? any typical issues I should know about?

2) How is Lincoln compared to for instance Cadillac or Buick's and Pontiac's from the same time period (late 60' to late 70' ) ? By this I mean quality, problem wise, or any other good tips.

3) If you were to choose, Mark III, IV or V...and why?

4) Fuel consumption between the Mark III, IV and V? I live in Norway, and the prices on fuel are VERY high... I am also no skilled mechanic, but I have done some work on Japanese and European cars when younger.

Yours sincerely

Stig from Norway :-)


Greetings Stig -

Welcome to the old car lovers hobby and the desire to own one for your own pleasure.

The era of luxury vehicle that you are interested in has produced some wonderful collectible cars. Choosing one is a very personal decision and can be a difficult task. Collectible vehicles from all years and manufactures each have their own issues and disappointments for their owners to contend with. A well maintained Cadillac, Imperial or Lincoln is a joy to own but will cost money to maintain now and in the future. Older classic car parts are becoming harder to find and can be costly. There is definitely no way to choose a collectible car without some problems and disappointments down the road. The above is just the nature of this great hobby. The joy of ownership, the challenges and the wonderful new friends that you will meet can however outweigh the possible maintenance issues that you will encounter.

The best advice for you could be to make a list of your favorite desirable cars and visit the many forums and clubs on the internet. There are many clubs and forums on line for you to read up on and gather information pertaining to the vehicles that you desire.

At Lincoln Land, we stock hundreds of body and mechanical parts from the Nineteen Fifties and well in to the present century. We also have access to new recently manufactured parts for older Lincolns. We also acquire and sell many beautiful and well maintained examples of all years of Lincolns. We are very proud to have gathered a large following of very happy and satisfied customers as the owner here is a long time and dedicated Lincoln aficionado. Please let us know if we can help you locate the car of your dreams.