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February 19, 2018

1996 Town Car Air Suspension Questions

Hi Bill,

I have a 1996 Town Car. The problem is that when I shut off the car the rear suspension lowers about 1-2 inches and holds till the next time I start the car. After starting the air pump starts and brings the car back up the same 1-2 inches and holds. Everything in the air suspension seems to work fine, no warning lights, no leaks, no codes.. When the car has a load the suspension works properly.. Any Ideas?




Greetings Russell -

If you are diagnosing correctly as per the manual with no success, some of these air spring leaks can be difficult and tricky to locate. One possibility is that the air springs have developed some very fine cracks that leak down somewhat, lower the rear suspension and then seal up tight when the vehicle lowers. This may be seen with a very close careful inspection with the car on a frame lift and the switch turned off inside the trunk. With this inspection the rubber bags will be stretched and small cracks will become visible. If this is so, these tiny leaks will worsen and over work the pump to a point of failure. Vehicles of this vintage that have not had new bags installed are usually overdue at this time. Good luck with a speedy diagnoses. We do have quality replacement bags available if needed.



February 8, 2018

1978 Mark High Beams Stay On

Hey Bill,

My question to you is that the high beams are staying on, no matter what I do they will not turn off, I have tested the switch on the floor and it's good. It has the auto feature for the lights, and the switch function is good and tight. Is there something I am missing?




Hello Jon,

Some of these " Autolamp " systems can be difficult to diagnose without the Factory Shop manual and wiring diagram as they use relays and amplifiers that can fail. Have you tried turning off the Autodim and the Autolight tabs at the main headlamp switch on the dash to find out if the headlamps operate properly in the manual position? When you tested the foot switch did you do a continuity test in all positions? We have seen these switches lock up and seize on many vehicles. In any case and because you are a parts customer at Lincolnland I will ask George to send you copies of the necessary " Autolamp " section from the FoMoCo service manual. You will then see where the 4 amp inline fuse is located above the dimmer switch and be able to check if any critical components are unplugged etc. This section should also offer diagnostic procedures.