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1966 Continental Coupe Transmission Questions

Hi Bill -

I have a 1966 Lincoln Coupe which was restored 8 years ago and had only traveled 1500 miles since. The transmission was rebuilt and it changes smoothly under load but is a bit lumpy from neutral into reverse or forward and at lower speeds. Is this normal?

Also excuse my ignorance but the transmission positions are of course low, then drive (green dot) and lastly a white solid dot. In green/drive it kicks down when you put your foot into it but doesn't in the solid white dot. Is that the way it should also be?

Many thanks for your advice.

Craig from New Zealand


Greetings Craig -

Welcome to the land of Lincolns. Not sure what you mean by lumpy in your case but if you are experiencing a coarse shift into gear from neutral or Park the most common cause is too fast of an idle. A good transmission shop will be able to verify and if that is so, they can easily correct the engine idle for you. If the issue is not too fast of an idle, you may be faced with an internal transmission glitch. Let a trusted shop diagnose this for you. I will ask George at our office to send you the information regarding the transmission selector usage from the owners manual. It will help you to understand how the selector choices operate. We of course have access to all of the manuals if you may need them. Good luck with your issues and if you have any further questions, we are here for you.