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Hello Bill,

Just picked up a 1968 4 Door Sedan from Portland, Oregon. This car only has 27K original miles, very nice find indeed. It has a AM radio stock, and my buddy found a AM-FM rebuilt radio, very nice shape. It also has the optional Amplifier box. We are not sure where this Amplifier mounted-I guess under the dash within reach to turn both knobs. Looks like it should have some sort of bracket to mount under the dash. There are 2 small holes on the underside of the Amplifier and faint outlines of a bracket that used to be there. I do not see this Amplifier anywhere in the 68 brochure I have. Looked at dozens of cars on the web, but none have this option. I have photos of both the radio & amplifier with corresponding wiring if needed.




Greetings Blake -

What you have sounds like the ( available at that time ) FM Multiplex adapter option the converts your FM radio section to a stereo sound FM system. It also adds additional left and right as well as front and rear speakers. The system was made by the Bendix Corp. and had a high quality warm sound when new and in good working condition.

The adapter mounted on the carpet at the transmission hump with the use of a special bracket set up.