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1964 Continental Wheel Balancing Questions

Hello Bill -

I have a 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible with standard 15-inch wheels. I am getting a vibration at about 30 miles an hour that disappears at higher speeds. I am thinking that this is a wheel balancing issue, as all the front end parts are in good condition. Can I get a dynamic wheel balance using weights only on the inside of the rim? If not, how can I get a good wheel balance where the weights don't show on the outside?




Greetings Elaine -

Many shops are able to balance the wheels with the weights on the inside of the wheel. The key is to visit a good known shop with up to date modern well kept equipment and discuss this with the manager. You can also ask them to record the out of balance information that your wheels had before their weights were added. A little bit of shopping should produce the results that you are after.