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October 30, 2017

1979 Town Car Wiper Issues

Hi there!

Love the blog, just got my first Lincoln and I'm going through some minor issues. One is the wipers. They stop wherever they happen to be when you turn them off. They don't return to the start position. The switch feels pretty loose, but maybe that's just the way it is, I'm not sure. Do you think it's a switch, module, or motor issue? I should add that the intermittent feature doesn't seem to work either. The regular speeds work, but I can't seem to make the intermittent feature work. Thanks!



Greetings Patrick -

Congrats on your recent Lincoln purchase . They are great vehicles. Wipers that will not park when turned off is NOT a rare issue with electric wipers for this era of FoMoCo products and we have many times found the problem to be the dash switch, the internal motor switches, or a bad ground etc. To be accurate, the faults must be diagnosed as per the correct shop manual to avoid guessing and possibly replacing good parts. The manual also explains the intermittent wiper operation and chances are that correcting the " no park" issue will correct the intermittent wiper operation as well. We can supply the necessary manuals if you would need them.



October 27, 2017

1965 Power Steering Issues


I have a 65 Lincoln and replaced the power steering pump because when I bought it the old one was leaking. Even with the good pump, the power steering turns to the right by itself, even with the wheels on the ground. No leaks anywhere, Ford type F ATF in the system and I bleed the system as documented using the windshield wipers. Any ideas why this would happen? I am assuming it may be a seal leak in the power steering gear?

Thanks in advance,



Greetings Greg -

Whether or not your steering system rotated the wheels without you turning the steering wheel before or only after the pump replacement the issue certainly sounds like a problem in the steering gear. The pump supplies hydraulic pressure to the gear for both left and right hand turns. Without you directing the gear for a turn with the steering wheel, no turning action should occur. Something must be amiss or plugged inside the steering box as you suspect. The system should be further diagnosed by a competent local steering technician in order to pinpoint the problem. It would be helpful for you to know the history of any previous repairs to these components by the former owner. We do have repair kits and a rebuild service available for these boxes.