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79 Collector's Series Sedan Interior Lights

Hi Bill,

I purchased a 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car, Collector's Series about a week ago. Its a great car, but with anything that is almost 40 years old it has a few issues. I am baffled by the rear map lights. They come on when you open the doors/turn on the cabin lights on the dash. However, they will not turn on by the switch on the door panel itself. Now, when the lights are on and you flick the switch, then the lights will blink as the switch toggles on/off. However, once the lights shut off, the switch does nothing again. I don't think its a switch related issue as the lights seem to respond to the switch when they are already illuminated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Greetings Anthony -

That lamp circuit is complicated and can be even more complicated to diagnose if you do not have the correct manual and wiring diagram. You can start by testing for power with a 12v test light at the light green/yellow tracer wire at the door switches. If there is no power there you will need to find out why with the use of the wiring diagram. If there is power there, the switch when activated should send power directed to that reading light only. Your owners manual should tell how and when these lights operate.