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June 14, 2017

1979 Continental Sedan - New Owner Questions....

Hi Bill -

Recently I had to buy a Collectors Series ;) The car is a survivor with some flaws that I am addressing now. With two of them I could need some help: 1) the drivers side vent window does not go down properly. Instead of moving down, it is tilting forward and blocking. The vent is loose as you can take it by the upper end and tilt it in direction forward/afterward. When you press the vent to the main glass manually, the window will go properly through the whole cycle. I opened the door and found a round black piece of plastic that seems to have had a bolt in the center that is now broken. As well I found something like a green tip that might fit to the black plastic, broken as well. On the passenger side, the black round plastic was broken inside the door, however, the green tip is still in its place in the glass and the window is working properly (for the moment). Do you know what part I'm talking about? I did not find it in the manual and I don't know how its called or if there is any replacement. If yes, do you sell it? 2) When I got the car I tested everything, including power door lock. Unfortunately, the rear door locked and stuck. Now it does not open. How can I open the door to get access to the mechanism when the door is closed and locked? Or is there a way to lubricate without the door trim panel, as I cannot remove that with the door closed... Thanks for your help!



Hi Severin -

Very nice choice of Lincoln. The dropping vent windows option is a nice extra but is known to give their share of problems after all of these years have passed since 1979. If a repair seems too complicated for you, we can repair some of these issues such as you describe depending on the extent of damage. We also may be able supply a used assembly if necessary. Please give George a call at our office for details.

Your power door lock issue sounds like the common seized Power Actuator problem. If you were to send your actuator in to us for testing we may be able to repair it or if necessary supply a new one. If you cannot trick the lock to open with the aid of an assistant operating the switch as you try to coax a release of the lock you may need the services of AAA or an experienced automobile " lock out " service. Again, call George at our office for further information etc.