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1978 Mark V High Beam Question

Hi Bill -

Is there a way to manually control the high beams with the switch on the floor in a 1978 Lincoln Mark V? I turn the auto dimmer to off and press the dip switch with my foot and nothing seems to happen. At other times all 4 head lights light up. I do not seem to be able to consistently control them. Alternatively, is there a simple way/fix way to keep them on all the time? I have to drive through some dark streets to get home and do not want to hit a deer.

Thanks in advance,



Hello Dean -

You are correct. If you rotate the H/L dimmer rheostat to the extreme position into the auto dim "off " detent position, the system should then be in the manual mode. This will be shown in the owners manual as well as the maintenance manual. There is also a 4 amp in line fuse under the dash that can be pulled as an additional test. If this does not work, the system will need to be diagnosed as per the maintenance manual. I would probably start the testing at the foot switch. We do have owners manuals and shop manuals available for shipping.