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1959 Will Not Restart When Hot - New Engine Rebuild


Restoring a 59 Mark IV. Had the engine professionally rebuilt, preformed break in on motor, but as the car gets warmed up, when I turn the car off - it will not crank back up until the car cools down for 15 minutes. We have replaced coil, points, condensor, temp sending switch was also replace at rebuild.


pulling my hair out



When this happens ALL of the general tune up items need to be verified. As well as the items that you have already tested, checked or replaced this will include battery and all starter and ground cables, starter, spark plugs, carburetor and choke etc. Other possibilities are engine severely overheating or the crankshaft vibration damper slipping and subsequently causing you an incorrect timing reading. If all of the above is in good order it may be time to contact your rebuilder. Good rebuilders will immediately become involved in these situations.