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1969 Thunderbird Climate Control Question


My 1969 T-bird has only 62k original miles and only blows air through the defroster. How can I repair this problem? The blower motor works great; I just need to control the air, either through the vents, floor defroster, etc. If I need to replace a part, could you let me know which part? Thank you for your advice.



John -

The 68-71 Thunderbird ATC (Automatic Temperature Control) has the exact same system and parts as the 69-71 Mark III. We have parts in stock, and we can also rebuild the servo assembly and ATC Box. You can repair yours with correct diagnosing as per the Shop Manual. Loss of vacuum supply to the controls is a very good possibility from your description. Loss of vacuum on that system will cause the unit to default to the Defrost and Heat in all settings except Off. This could be an easy fix for you.