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1969 Continental Sedan Rear Light Questions

Hello Bill,

First, thank you for providing information to everyone. It's much appreciated.

I was wondering how to get access to the rear tail lights on my 69 Continental 4 Door Sedan. The old sockets are pretty bad and they don't have the spring back action to them so I can't turn in a new light bulb. I have the replacement sockets but I am having a difficult time getting to the old ones.

Also on the rear tail lights on the 69 Continental, there is a clear lens and then a small red lens directly underneath it. I know the clear lens is for the reverse light but what are the small red lenses directly underneath the reverse ones for? I changed bulbs but they still don't turn on. I would assume they're for brakes but not too sure. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.




Greetings Juann -

The small red lights on the rear quarter panels are not brake lights. They are side marker lights that are powered by the running lamp circuit. Side marker lamps were mandated to all of our automakers starting around 1968. With this feature (front and rear) the vehicle can be seen easier from the side at night. Some are of a simple design and some (as your Lincoln is) were more of a pleasing ornate design.

To service the tail light socket assemblies in the bumper you will need to remove the rear bumper in order to comfortably remove the two lamp bodies that each house the three sockets. Be sure to first disconnect and free up the wiring to the light assemblies, including the license plate illumination light to avoid tearing apart the wires. This is probably the best way to deal with these sockets if you need to somehow repair or replace them properly.