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1982 Mark VI Performance Issues

Bill -

I don't drive my 1982 Mark VI anymore, and days between short drives of just a few miles in town. Started noticing the idle increasing 8 months ago slowly over time, and the speed it wanted to go increased as the engine warmed up and then suddenly work fine after off for 30 minutes sometimes. Then a week ago I started it up and it started bucking and didn't want to run in gear, but as the engine warmed up it got a little better, but when I stopped for a few minutes at a store it didn't want to restart, even with it spinning fast, so I floored it and it sputtered to life, and I got home. Days later it started fine but acted the same way, but then at the same shop on restart no sign of trying to start, even floored. Towed it home and the next day today it started fine again but acting the same way. I am suspecting the EGR was sticking some, and now a lot. What would be your guess?



Greetings Dwight -

Could you forward your customer number so that we may look up your account with us? Also it would be helpful to know the tune up history of your Lincoln and what you have done so far to diagnose or correct your engine issue. The engine management system for your 1982 Mark VI engine was sophisticated for these early years of automotive electronics and therefore requires a shop manual to assist in pinpointing the culprit in a logical sequence. If a component such as the EGR is suspect for any reason, it should be tested as per the manual before replacing. "Guessing" is not a wise option. Do you have a shop manual or do you have a mechanic that has a factory shop manual along with some technical experience with these vehicles?

There is not an over abundance of Lincoln collectors who collect these early 80's years of Marks and many parts are becoming difficult to locate as time goes by. In your case there are some on going on line forums available for specific eras of vehicle whose members may have had experience with your exact issue and similar engine management problems.