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1967 Continental Starting Issues

Hi Bill -

I am working on my 67 Lincoln 4 door Sedan with the 462 engine and am having starting problems. I should say that the car is mechanically fully rebuilt and ran great, but was sitting for a while and now it seems that the gas in the carb drains back into the gas tank or disappears somehow, because the car wont start for a while till the carbs fill up and then it runs fine with no dying or hesitation - that's what it feels like. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




Greetings Fred -

The modern ethanol fuels tend to evaporate quicker than the fuels of the sixties. The fuel cannot drain back into the fuel tank. I would first do a complete fuel system test. This will include a fuel pump pressure and volume test as per the shop manual and an inspection of the fuel lines hoses and possibly the fuel pickup in the fuel tank. The fuel pump must supply the correct volume and pressure in order to fill the carburetor quickly on an engine that has been sitting for a period of time. The pumps can be weak and/or the push rod that operates it could be worn to less than the necessary 4 and 13/16 " to operate it properly.