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November 28, 2016

1979 Mark V Blower Motor Removal

Bill -

I can't find a procedure in my Factory Shop Manual for removal of the Blower Motor for my 1979 Mark V.

Thank you -



Hi Ken -

That procedure seems to have been omitted from the 1979 shop manual. We are sending you the procedure from the 1972 manual for a Thunderbird. this should be the correct procedure for your 1979 Mark. Please let us know if this works for you. We stock many parts for your vehicle and we look forward to your first purchase from us.


1969 Mark III Headlight Indicator

Hey Bill,

My headlight indicator light at the top started acting weird. Normally, I'm pretty sure it only lights up for a second or two right after you turn on the lights. But now, it stays lit up when I have my headlights on. If I had the lights on and quickly switched it off-then-on, it lights up instantly and stays on. If I turn it off, wait a few seconds, then turn them back on, it lights up after a few seconds and stays on. I'm worried, because I don't want the light to over heat the panel or plastic. Any help will be appreciated, thanks.



Greetings John -

You don't mention if you have the Automatic Headlamp Dimmer option. If you have this option and it is turned ON, the system may be trying to warm up and operate. The owners manual will explain this operation to you if you have one. Or are you referring to one of the over head panel light indicators above the windshield. This light advises you if the headlamp covers are open or not with the headlamps turned on. The manual should explain this operation as well.