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1989 Town Car Autolamp Issues

Bill -

The auto dimming will not let me use upper beam. When I use the stalk to turn on high beams, they drop to low beams as soon as I release. I checked the owners manual, and with the dimmer control set at mid point, I pulled the stalk up halfway and the upper beam indicator light on the dash and also hi beams. This was done in a dark area with the photo cell covered. Any suggestions? This car is not my daily driver. I take it to cruise gatherings and want every thing to work. Thank you.



Hi George -

The Autolamp option is a nice feature to have operating on your Lincoln. We do not see many customers that are in for service of the Automatic Headlamp Dimmer portion. When we do service this feature we have the luxury of a parts inventory for testing purposes that we have removed from vehicles that are being recycled. We also refer to the Factory Service manual as it has a detailed troubleshooting chart to aid in pinpointing most component problems. The owners manual that you refer to in your email would be limited in this area. Although the sensor/amplifier, relay and the dimmer switch are common fail items, proper diagnosis is necessary to avoid buying and replacing good parts.

If you wish to diagnose the system as per the proper manual, George R. Miller at our office should be able to arrange a copy of that section of the 1989 Lincoln Town Car manual or a complete set of Factory Service Manuals for future issues on your Lincoln be sent be sent to your address. When you have diagnosed the problem and need any parts, we should be able to supply them to you.