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1964 Continental "Mysterious Leak"

Hi Bill,

I just purchased this car and have driven it around several times without any problems until yesterday. I started the car and put the top down. I was doing a walk around and noticed something dripping from the front drivers side bumper. A dark fluid that left a stain on the pavement so this is def the first time. Leaked a total of 1 or 2 cups. I have been working on cars for a while and this is not coolant (too dark) or engine oil (too dark, dipstick shows new oil, and does not seem viscous enough). Transmission fluid on the dipstick is a lovely bright color and registers full so not that. I am thinking break fluid or from some other hydraulic system. It actually appears to be leaking from the base of the frame that curves over the drivers side suspension components, like it could be leaking from higher up and running down the frame just to escape near the front bumper. No obvious source when looking under the hood. I would take a pic but there is a monsoon going on right now in Tampa so that will have to wait. I hope that was enough info without being too much. Thanks!



Greetings Benjamin -

From your description I cannot even speculate with any accuracy as to the source of that leak from here. What I will say though is that if you are seeing actual liquid dripping from the bumper as you describe, anyone with a little automotive knowledge should be able to trace that dripping to the source. Good luck.