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1987 Continental Can Not Get Tires Balanced

Hello Bill-

I have my Fathers 1987 Continental which he bought new. After his passing I decided to freshen things up. I have put new ball joints, tie rods, control arm bushings, rack and pinion steering assembly, motor mounts, Trans mount, brakes and rotors, wheel bearings. The list goes on and on. The issue is with all this being done and after buying new tires I CANNOT GET THE TIRES BALANCED. been to five tire shops no success. Wheels are fine at one point the tires were in balanced but I lost a wheel weight now back to square one. Any ideas NEED HELP.



Hello Dane -

If you truly believe that your issue was caused by a thrown wheel weight then correcting the unbalance obviously lies with balancing. If five shops cannot balance the wheel you should seek out a specialty alignment and frame shop in your locality. Discuss the matter with them and the possibilities. In some instances some shops can spin the wheel or wheels while they are mounted on the vehicle. Someone will need to work with you on this to correct this issue.