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1965 Continental Brake Booster Questions

Hi Bill,

I have a '65 and the brake pedal is super spongy, I literally have to somewhat stand on the brakes to have the brakes engage. I believe this to be a brake booster issue, maybe master cylinder? My question is this, can I use an aftermarket power brake booster /master cylinder combo as long as the bolts line up? I'm having difficulties finding a '65 booster




Greetings Brandon -

We are not able to "safely" answer your main question because of the many combination booster/master cylinder possibilities that could be cobbled up. Some may work well while many may not. The good news is that your original brake booster is able to be rebuilt to the original specifications. We offer this service for our customers. Have you considered this option? We would be able to give you the specific details when you are ready. Please call our office and ask for George.