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1963 Continental Convertible Brake Light Issues

Hello Bill -

About a year ago I had the entire brake system rebuilt on my 63 Continental convertible by a local classic car shop. Brakes have worked beautifully ever since. Over the last couple months though the brake lights have stopped working. Bulbs have been changed/checked and ground to both is good. All other lights on the car work as they should (both front and rear - including rear lights and signals). The brake light switch at the master cylinder was replaced with a new one last year with the brake system rebuild. Connections to the "new" switch look good. I do have a shop manual - is there anything that I can try/check before having to take the car back to a mechanic? Thanks VERY MUCH in advance. We all sure do appreciate your time and knowledge (and willingness to share)!!!



Greetings Robert -

To test the brake light circuit you should start at the brake light switch with a 12v test light. Test there for power at one of the wires. If you have power at one of the wires, plug that wire in to one of the switch pins and have an assistant step in the brake pedal so that you can test for "power out" at the other pin at the switch. If you had no power in either of the two wires you will need to read your shop manual wiring diagram to trace the power path to find and test the brake light fuse for power that feeds the b/l switch from the fuse box. If you do have 12v power on both wires at the switch when the brake pedal is pressed you will next need to test for power at the electrical connector at the lower steering column area to the turn signal switch. If there is power into this switch when the pedal is pressed, there should also be power returning on two other wires from this switch and then separately to each of the rear brake and signal light bulbs. You will find the correct wire colors to test in your factory shop manual. The above tests are easy to do but some electrical testing knowledge is required. From your description and without testing, it would appear to me that either your brake light switch or your turn signal switch is at fault. I am assuming of course that the wiring on your car is complete and intact. Proper testing as described above will pinpoint your problem. We will have the correct parts ready to ship to you Robert when you have located the culprit.