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1979 Town Coupe Radio Issues

Hey Bill,

In my 1979 Lincoln Town Coupe I am having a problem with my FM radio. I have the digital Quadrasonic AM/FM 8 track radio. When I am listening to AM radio I get reception and it sounds good with no issue, but when I flip the switch to FM I get really quiet reception and I have to turn the volume to the max to hear just a little bit of sound. The reception is still clear on FM but just really quiet, and when the FM used to work before this broke the reception light in the upper right corner would be on but now it isn't anymore. Could it be the radio itself or maybe an antenna?? I really would like to keep the radio if there is a possible way to fix it.

Thank you in advance!



Greetings Sam -

Older "high end" factory digital sound systems such as yours have electronics that are now well aged and becoming inoperative in several ways. Being a Lincoln lover myself I of course do understand your wish to have an original good working unit in your classic Lincoln. There are some electronic radio experts who possibly can repair your radio but because of the expense involved and limited success many owners are opting to upgrade theirs to modern circuits within the factory unit. The 8 track portion of your radio and tuning display however may make this procedure difficult. We at Lincoln Land are not radio experts in any form but we may have a radio unit such as yours that could be purchased and used for parts. With this in mind we tested six of these radios this morning and found that they all have separate issues. It is a good idea on your part to suspect a faulty antenna. Usually though it is the AM portion that fails when the antenna goes bad. To rule this out and to diagnose for a faulty antenna you could visit a good local radio shop and ask them to plug in a good known antenna. Let us know if you would like to purchase any of these radios for parts only.