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1976 Continental Running Issues

Bill -

I have a vehicle that has been in storage for a year and went to start it. Only runs with starter engaged and then dies in run position. Fuel is 92 non ethanol a year old. Sprayed in some carb cleaner and added a can of Sea Foam to tank after a few tries. Don't want to hold key on start for more than 10 seconds. Internet brought me to your site. Thanks for any thoughts.



Hello Paul -

If I am understanding you correctly the engine starts while cranking and then it abruptly turns off when you release the key to the "run" position. If that is so I would begin by diagnosing the ignition system for loss of ignition with the key in the "run " position as per the 1976 Lincoln ignition wiring diagram and manual. A couple of other thoughts come to mind however such as did the engine run normally before it was parked and stored for a year? Parking the car for this length of time should not cause an issue such as this unless the ignition switch has become faulty or some unknown electronic ignition part has somehow become disconnected or deteriorated and failed. The other thought is what were the chances of rodent intrusion into your car during storage? It is not unusual to find after careful inspection that in some cases wiring or other parts have become damaged by rodents when a car is stored for a period of time. Good luck and please let us know what you discover. If you require any parts for the repair, we can supply you with most repair parts and correct shop manuals for your Lincoln.