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1967 Continental Coupe Questions

Hi, I'm wondering if you can help me out with a few things.

I recently picked up this car and have a few bugs to work out. First off, anytime the key is turned on the wipers are moving without being able to turn them off by the switch. Next would be the turn signals left and right as well as brake lights do not work. I do have head and tail lights though. The heat control doesn't really do anything but I can hear it flowing on low it seams. Furthermore non of the windows work!

If you have any info in regards to these issues your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



Greetings Christian -

Congratulations on you newly purchased Lincoln, they are great cars. Yours seems to have arrived however with a laundry list of issues that will require skillful diagnosis by you or your mechanic. These Lincolns can be complicated electrically and mechanically in many areas therefore the only way to approach any repairs in my opinion is with the use of the correct Shop Manual. Do you have one?

The following will provide you with some of the possibilities as to what some of your present issues can be caused by. The hydraulic wipers are powered hydraulically from the power steering pump. The cable that operates them could be out of adjustment or the hydraulic motor could be faulty.

The turn signal and brake light issue could be caused by a faulty turn signal switch or electrical disconnect and you may even have more than one problem.

Your heating and power window problems can each be caused by any one of or several of more than a dozen faults as you have not provided us with any real meaningful information or told us of any testing or diagnosis that you have attempted.

As you can see from the above there is plenty of diagnosis required at your end in order to correctly determine and then repair your problems. Automotive repair skill and testing tools etc. would be a great asset for this endeavour and you may even be surprised by some missing parts or that some attempts at previous repairs were poorly done to your Lincoln. The Shop Manual as mentioned above should be your first purchase if you do not have one. We wish you good luck and if you wish do need any repair parts or manuals we do carry all of the popular items.