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November 30, 2015

1964 Continental Tapping Noise

Happy Thanksgiving Bill,

Sorry I am writing you on Thanksgiving but I just noticed this issue. I have a 1964 Lincoln Continental that has 55k original miles on on it. I have owned it for around 18 years and drive it once a week fall through spring seasons. Today I heard a loud tap and traced it to the valve cover, after the engine warmed up it stopped and did not return on my 30 min drive. I was hoping you could tell me if you think it's something that requires my immediate attention or it's normal for an engine this old? I appreciate your feedback and hope you are enjoying your day.




Greetings Vinnie -

Some of these tapping sounds can be easy to fix or they could be an indication of a more serious problem such as a sticking lifter or an oil pressure issue. What you are describing can also be caused by a slightly LOW oil level in the crankcase. Be sure to check the oil level before proceeding further. Assuming that the oil level and pressure are both ok and that the engine has been maintained with oil changes and the oil is clean I would start with the following. When the engine is cold remove the valve cover from the noisy side and start the engine. This will allow you to trace the tapping sound to the exact valve and lifter area that is causing it before the engine warms up and the sound stops as you describe. At the same time a bent push rod or damage at the rocker to valve area could be visible. An engine with good oil pressure will supply plenty of oil to all of the moving parts for proper lubrication and some oil may even splash and will need to be contained with the use of a temporary splash shield for this diagnosis.

If you are inexperienced with this type of work Vinnie you could discuss it with a good engine shop and possibly have them do it for you. A good engine mechanic will easily locate the problem for you and be able to advise you further. We hope that you also enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving as well.



November 23, 2015

1967 Continental Coupe Questions

Hi, I'm wondering if you can help me out with a few things.

I recently picked up this car and have a few bugs to work out. First off, anytime the key is turned on the wipers are moving without being able to turn them off by the switch. Next would be the turn signals left and right as well as brake lights do not work. I do have head and tail lights though. The heat control doesn't really do anything but I can hear it flowing on low it seams. Furthermore non of the windows work!

If you have any info in regards to these issues your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



Greetings Christian -

Congratulations on you newly purchased Lincoln, they are great cars. Yours seems to have arrived however with a laundry list of issues that will require skillful diagnosis by you or your mechanic. These Lincolns can be complicated electrically and mechanically in many areas therefore the only way to approach any repairs in my opinion is with the use of the correct Shop Manual. Do you have one?

The following will provide you with some of the possibilities as to what some of your present issues can be caused by. The hydraulic wipers are powered hydraulically from the power steering pump. The cable that operates them could be out of adjustment or the hydraulic motor could be faulty.

The turn signal and brake light issue could be caused by a faulty turn signal switch or electrical disconnect and you may even have more than one problem.

Your heating and power window problems can each be caused by any one of or several of more than a dozen faults as you have not provided us with any real meaningful information or told us of any testing or diagnosis that you have attempted.

As you can see from the above there is plenty of diagnosis required at your end in order to correctly determine and then repair your problems. Automotive repair skill and testing tools etc. would be a great asset for this endeavour and you may even be surprised by some missing parts or that some attempts at previous repairs were poorly done to your Lincoln. The Shop Manual as mentioned above should be your first purchase if you do not have one. We wish you good luck and if you wish do need any repair parts or manuals we do carry all of the popular items.



November 9, 2015

1976 Continental Running Issues

Bill -

I have a vehicle that has been in storage for a year and went to start it. Only runs with starter engaged and then dies in run position. Fuel is 92 non ethanol a year old. Sprayed in some carb cleaner and added a can of Sea Foam to tank after a few tries. Don't want to hold key on start for more than 10 seconds. Internet brought me to your site. Thanks for any thoughts.



Hello Paul -

If I am understanding you correctly the engine starts while cranking and then it abruptly turns off when you release the key to the "run" position. If that is so I would begin by diagnosing the ignition system for loss of ignition with the key in the "run " position as per the 1976 Lincoln ignition wiring diagram and manual. A couple of other thoughts come to mind however such as did the engine run normally before it was parked and stored for a year? Parking the car for this length of time should not cause an issue such as this unless the ignition switch has become faulty or some unknown electronic ignition part has somehow become disconnected or deteriorated and failed. The other thought is what were the chances of rodent intrusion into your car during storage? It is not unusual to find after careful inspection that in some cases wiring or other parts have become damaged by rodents when a car is stored for a period of time. Good luck and please let us know what you discover. If you require any parts for the repair, we can supply you with most repair parts and correct shop manuals for your Lincoln.