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1989 Town Car Knock Issue

Hello my name is Pete I have a 1989 Lincoln Town Car it's been in my family for years and now it's mine.my problem is when I first accelerate I hear a kind of knocking noise it's only when I first accelerate then it stops maybe like two to four knocks then it stops but if I stop at a light then go again I hear it again it's not every time either sometimes it doesn't do it . I'm wondering if you might know what that noise could be any help would be appreciated I don't want to lose the car as it is a family heirloom. Thanks for your help.


Hi Pete -

From your short description and not being able to actually hear this knock I wouldn't be able to pinpoint your noise issue very well. It could be an engine knock or as simple as an exhaust rattle under the body somewhere. If you think that it is possibly engine related you should have it road tested and evaluated at a trusted local automotive shop. They may even want to test the engine oil pressure for you if they suspect engine bearing problems. Please keep in mind though that we have many difficult to find new and used parts available for your Town Car whenever you may need them.