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1968 Continental Climate Control Question

Hi Bill,

Greetings from Sydney.

So as we head into Summer here in Oz my air conditioning has decided to play up.

It's got climate control and when I dial the heat up everything works great. When I ask for cool air, there is nothing. Defog and de ice work great. I'm figuring its am electrics issue or a temp sensor issue... Any thoughts?

Yours, getting progressively hotter in Australia,



Hello Ed -

The climate control system in your Lincoln is a very good but complex unit. The problems are located 99% of the time within the ACC control box which is located on the firewall above the headlamp dimmer foot switch. We offer an excellent rebuilding and tune up service of these control units along with a complete in car test procedure at Lincoln Land. Tuning up the box alone makes them operate as new. Of course, the possibility exists that one of the support components is faulty or that your vehicle has two or more issues. There are two ways for you to consider handling this. The system can be diagnosed as per the factory shop manual in order to eliminate faults in other support components. This however requires electrical skills and specific product knowledge and to many mechanics the testing is inconclusive or unsure. The other option is to send the ACC box to us after doing a visual inspection of the complete electrical and vacuum installation pertaining to the a/c while looking for a disconnected component or some previous incorrect repair etc. If you do decide that you will need to send the box to us from far away Australia please include a note referring to this blog question and ask that I be included in the results of the final tests. I will want to discuss what was found out during the repair inside the unit with our technician before it is returned to you.




Dear Bill -

Thank you so much for the quick and comprehensive reply - I really appreciate it!

I have a local guy who's been looking after the old girl for a few years and while they are not Lincoln specialists they're classic car guys. However they're also happy to put their hand up when it's not in their scope...so I'll give it to them to check out and if we don't make any progress I will get them to remove the unit and will send it over along with this note.

Thank you very much again.



Bill -

Well we've had a local specialist look at it, but they can't repair it.... So I will be sending it back to you guys! Will make sure I include a note so that you are given a heads up.